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Need a Gift Idea?

There’s one thing most of us are thinking about as of late; Christmas. And with Christmas comes that long list of things you must ponder on.

Who will we be visiting with this year?
Will they come here, or do we go there?
I have to make sure I have the right ingredients for that traditional goodie.
Should I put this decoration in a different spot this year?
When do we exchange gifts?
EEK! I still need to get her a gift !

Let me help you with that last thought. Let me give you the suggestion of giving a relative, your friend, or even yourself, a book; my book.

Having shared a few weeks ago the title behind my memoir, I now pass the suggestion your way to consider giving my book – God and My Pillow – as a gift.

I like to say it’s a story that encourages those going through the same type trial I went through. Or, it gets you looking back, being reminded how God carried you in past trials, while reminding you He’s still with you now. Perhaps you or someone you know love reading good ol’ fashion love stories. If so, then this fits that category as well.

“The author writes with such honesty. I appreciate her sense of humor. It was an easy read, I couldn’t put it down!” T. Blais / Amazon

“I love how she tells here secret thoughts about all the steps she made throughout the journey.” – M. Moore / Amazon

“Whether you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, or simply want a reminder of how faithful God is, this is a wonderful book filled with hope!”
T. Wilson / Good Reads

I now wish you all a very merry prepping-for-Christmas time, hoping this idea helps you pick that perfect gift.

Merry Christmas to you all . . .

“and to all a good book.”

Your best deal is purchasing it via Paypal in paperback or PDF .
Also available through Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

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