Sad Thanksgiving

One word we’ve been surrounded with this week; Thanksgiving.
Today and tomorrow the word Happy comes before; Happy Thanksgiving.

I could reflect on all the blessing that have come my way this last year, from meeting new friends, while growing closer to old friends, and of course cherishing my newest grand daughter. But part of me this year wants to say why sometimes Sad Thanksgiving fits better.

What? Sad? I don’t mean so much a sad thanksgiving day, but that sad things can happen that just might cause you to be thankful.

In a few days, Dec 6th to be exact, will mark three months since my temporary life-altering fall took place. Read here on what happened during one of my routine jogs, and why I now know that the word collarbone is not broken up into two words – collar bone – even though that fall I did caused my collarbone to break into two pieces. Not. Fun.

I don’t plan to give details about all I’ve learned these last three months. I don’t think you would have enough time reading in depth that I was told I would not need surgery, to then being told I would, to then starting physical therapy after the surgery, and learning how nice getting an acupunctures can actually be. I won’t explain all I’ve learned about freezing, frozen and melting shoulders, or why I title the cortisone shot I got ‘GOLD‘!
I could tell you how I’m odd by actually enjoying MRIs while also learning what Frozen Shoulder Manipulation’s are. Of course I’d share how thankful I am for slowly recovering well enough and wont’ get one. (incredibly slow with oodles of arm exercises) Instead, I just want to share a few ways to show how, even after some tough stuff that hits…

…you can still be thankful.

If you are going though a tougher than normal time right now, you may be thinking ‘Marianne, do you really want me to be thankful during this trial?’
I don’t mean you should be grinning ear-to-ear every second, or that you can’t allow the slightest tear to show. Of course I don’t. (You do not want to know how many tears I’ve shed these last three months.) I do however want you to feel a bit more peace and joy inside by being thankful God is holding you as those tears shed.

How? I like to think of two ways.

One is to remember that God cares. Time and time again, God’s proven He is sure one strong Father, carrying me through a few rather tough times. Different things have shown up reveling just how much God’s plans for me have been perfect, be it a certain person, or a perfect timing of something, and even when things I’ve hoped for didn’t take place. You need to keep in mind 24/7 that His plans are far better than yours even if they don’t make sense.

The other is to keep in mind that If you think “God puts you through hard times” you’ll cope differently than if you believe “God allows you to experience hard times.” How you think about God, your life and the world changes everything — including your heart. And your heart affects how you deal with difficult seasons of life.

Which do you believe? Take a moment to decide if God is putting you through a hard time or if He is allowing you to experience a hard time. What difference does it make? Does it change how you feel about God, or how you see this season of your life?

I’d like to encourage you to remember this Thanksgiving that when you keep your eyes on God there is a better chance you get up each day still thankful that you don’t have to try and figure things out perfectly.

It’ll be a bit easier to put behind you many of those useless worries as each day, week, and like for me, months go by. Yes, tears might still show up, but it’s only for a short season before you see God guiding you, almost making you thankful you’ve been sad.

Psalm 68:19 –
Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burden, The God who is our salvation.

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