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God and My Pillow – Part 2

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Everyone knows women are known to keep changing their mind. I’ll prove that is true by continuing my story on how I kept changing my mind on one important decision; the title of my book. 

As I mentioned in my last post, the original title was God and My Pillow. Then, after assuming the advice I was given was a must, ‘My’ changed to ‘Your’; God and Your Pillow

Those who heard my reasoning behind the change stood right by my side, knowing I felt it best to follow this advice. After all, this was my first book whose author’s name was Marianne Ignorant Petersen. God and Your Pillow has now been out for over a year.

Time now to answer the question some of you might have; why does it show my book that’s now for sale is called God and MY Pillow?

As soon as God and Your Pillow became available, grinning ear-to-ear was all I could do..

“Yippy! It’s finally out! ”

There was, however, a teeny tiny spot inside my mind that felt a teeny tiny bit unsettled. Now sure, the advice to use ‘Your’ instead of ‘My’ did make sense. And yes, I did agree readers may need that ‘Your’ to apply the book to themselves. But I also thought they could think the ‘My’ could apply to their ‘My’, not MY ‘My’.
I know, a little confusing.


Month by month went by. Before I knew it, my book had been out over a year. Each time I saw a new 5***** star review made it easier for my ‘My’ and ‘Your’ question to be pushed farther to the side. That is until I had a conversation with a different well-known author-speaker. She said a few things that made total sense as to why I should go back to ‘My’.

Speaking of ‘My’, my smile slowly began to grow the more I pondered on that idea.

Smiley face

That one talk got me thinking, studying, learning, asking others, and of course, praying more about it all. The first friend I suggested this to confirmed my thought.
“Marianne, when you first changed it to God and Your Pillow, I could tell you were so gung-ho and determined. I didn’t feel right telling you that I felt you should have kept it God and My Pillow.”

My mouth dropped. “Really? So you agree?”

She wasn’t the only one, either. A few others who knew the original title said the same thing! More peace grew inside of changing the title. Before I knew it, I had all the energy to not only change the title, but the subtitle as well.

“Well, since I’m at it . . . ”
I’ll just say the back of the book now has a bit more pizazz along with a few simple changes inside as well.

Let me end by saying I sure hope ‘Your’ thoughts are glad to know the story behind ‘My’ newest – updated – 2nd edition, or however you want to title it, memoir . . .

Book Titled God and My Pillow

God and My Pillow

Paperback 13:50 + 3:50 shipping


Book Titled God and My Pillow

God and My Pillow



God and My Pillow is available right here via Paypal. – Also available on Amazon – 
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