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God and My Pillow

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Have you ever had a tiny thought tucked under the rug for a few years? Then, one day, something comes pulling it out, gluing it to the top of your To-Do list. Time now I explain how that happened to me, and why my original book got a new name.

In my early teen years one night, it dawned on me how much thinking takes place while lying on my pillow before falling asleep. I realized how I was in my own little world night after night with my pillow right there knowing all my thoughts. I jokingly thought how my pillow probably knew more of my thoughts than anyone else.

Time now to fast forward about twenty-five years when I began writing my book; a memoir.

When I started, no title was coming to mind. That is until I shared in the book how my pillow knew all my thoughts during my unplanned pregnancy.

“That’s it,” I thought as I gave a sigh of relief. “My Pillow!” 

The more I wrote, and the more I saw God’s guidance throughout my story, I began thinking.
“Both God and my pillow knew all my thoughts.  Wait! God and My Pillow should be the title. That’s it!”

Time to fast forward again.

A few years later my finally finished God and My Pillow memoir was ready to be published. A 30 minute phone call to a well known author, however, interrupted that title. He suggested I change one word to make the reader feel the book was meant just for them, thus God and Your Pillow.

God and Your Pillow was published April of 2018 after I had explained to my dearer friends why the change. They could tell my mind was set on the name, and kept encouraging me in all I was doing. But wait! If you haven’t noticed, that is not the title of my book NOW. You might now be thinking, “What happened, Marianne?”


To be continued.

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