Backwards – Song #29


Look back at your past. Think about a few of those unforgettable times you wish were taking place again right now. Need help? Then listen. You’ll see why I chose this song when it hits 43 seconds.

After the first time I heard this song, it instantly fit in my Favorite’s Song family. As the list began playing, I instantly began thinking of all the things I’d get back.

Me? I’d get my home on the perfect dead end back, I’d get my dog back, I’d get my saxophone back, I’d get our very first microwave back,

I’d get our front porch swing, life down at our creek, and veg with my friends just down the street.

I’d get my job at Winchell’s donuts back, I’d get my job as a Mariners Ball Girl back,


I’d get my very own Bug back.

I’d get my love-at-first-sight back (Wait. I never lost my love-at-first-sight. We’re still married!)

I’d get my first labor pain from having my first child back. (Wait. I really don’t want that back.) I’d get our first dish washer back. I’d get the joy of seeing my first grandchild born back.

These are just a few things I’d get when I play this country song.

What’s on YOUR list? Share a few things you’d want back. Come on. You HAVE to have at least one that stands out.

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3 thoughts on “Backwards – Song #29”

  1. I have to say, it’s actually difficult to think of something I’d like back. My wise mother has often told me to live life, make decisions, and then don’t look back with regrets. So, I guess I generally live in the moment, enjoy it as much as possible, and then don’t really look back.

    However, I do have one awesome family trip in mind that my husband and I took with our three children about three years ago. It was amazing! And we all bonded more than I could have imagined. I’d like to re-live that one again!

  2. I loved reading your trip. Sad, but my family did no camping. But that got me cherishing all the camping we did with our 4. So reading yours had me feel like it was just like our outing. God was sensed in everything all around us. I can still picture the tents, food, scratches and bandaids, marsh mellows, … and that awesome hotel we gave up and went to on our way home.
    Thanks for sharing.

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