Already There – Song #26


We all may think we know a song, having heard it a few times, but it’s after those few times it finally hits the heart, soul, and mind. This song here sure was one of those being the words went right along with what I was thinking.

I am one who does a few miles run every few days but only, I repeat ONLY if my iPod runs right along with me. So there I was running one morning, thinking about my next step on that sidewalk, along with the next step needed to get my book published. My mind was overflowing with thoughts, needing to decide some rather important decisions.

I’m pretty much done with what I can do now. What’s next? It’s so hard to know the best step to take. I wish I knew more. Oh Lord, help me know what I’m doing.

Then this song came on.

I was wishing, while running, that I could know how all my fears and questions were gonna play out in the book world I can’t control. I realized this song’s wording fit perfectly with all my thoughts. Like the song says, it was a mystery to me, hard to see where my book and I were going, and where God was leading me.

I got the best reminder that God was all ready there. He already knows the outcome. His perfect hand will help me put together all those needed book publishing pieces,  


The best part was when the words reminded me that yes, one day I’ll be looking back at the life I’ve lived, God will point to the areas I missed that showed His hand was right there in the planning of my book.

I sure can’t wait to enjoy that view, and see how all these pieces for my book fit together,” I thought to myself.

By the time I got back home, I was reloaded with encouragement. God sure knew I needed that song that morning.

The love music with heart

Are you working your tail off on some project, or are you going though some rather tough ordeal? Do you ever question if all that’s going on will ever make sense? Keep in mind that, as the song says, God will one day show you how your pieces in life fit together perfectly.

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5 thoughts on “Already There – Song #26”

  1. Hi Marianne, this song is so good and just what I needed to hear this morning. I have a big job change coming up so it’s comforting to know God is already there going before me in it all. Thanks for sharing and telling your story about how this song touched you too! Your FMF neighbor #28

  2. Thanks, Marianne. Yes, I am working on a huge endeavor I never could have imagined 2 years ago: I wrote a middle-grade adventure novel, I’m searching for a publisher, and I’m writing a sequel. It’s such a roller coaster of emotion through this process, but God keeps encouraging me to trust his plan, his timing. (Even though, I kind of wish he’d move a little faster. šŸ™‚ )

  3. I totally know what you’re feeling, Sara. Heck, I could ‘write a book’ on this process. My book has been out over a year now, and man oh man, I’m stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill learning.

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