Praise You In The Storm – Song #22


As some of you know, this list of songs I’m sharing this entire month was actually done in 2018. I loved putting it together back then. Heck, why not just share it again in 2019!

God had the time of what would reshow to fit perfectly for me. Why do I say that? I got home yesterday after finding out I now have to deal with what’s called a Frozen Shoulder due to my falling. It is a common condition in which the shoulder stiffens, reducing its mobility. (More info)

Once home after finding out, after a few of my eyes shedded quite a few tears, I studied more what a Frozen Shoulder is all about and what I’m up agains. After knowing more what I must face, I realized there was something else I needed to think about; re-planning the next – (todays)- song. Play this song and see why I, again, say God’s timing is perfect.

Needless to say, as you hear this song, you’ll agree I sure needed this, and why a few more tears we present.

‘I’m with you’

Be like me and remember those three words when no other words seem to be heard. But more so, remember who’s telling you those three words. Remember that even when it feels as though our Lord has abandoned you, if you’re one of His, He’s right there.

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