Shining Star – Song #21


Do you have a song that when it unexpectedly comes on the radio you just crank it? If I’m the only one in the car, then that’s for sure what I do. No real reason this one has stood out to me like many other songs have.

It hasn’t caused any deep-down thinking, getting me to ponder on anything much like most other favorite songs do. I guess it’s just the beat that glued it’s place in my heart way-back-when. This song, along with quite a few of their other songs, don’t let you hands be still for very long on that steering wheel, or your feet not to dance on your kitchen floor.

I guess I could say the wording can fit a bit into all of us. After all, we should try to be a shining star no matter who we are, right?


We aught to shine as bright to see what we can truly be, making it our goal to do our best as we carry on.

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