The Comeback – Song #18


If you ever feel like giving up, or wish you didn’t have to work so hard at accomplishing something, then listen to this song. It falls on my list of most encouraging songs. I’ve stated many times how God has used songs to encourage me. This one easily fits in that category.

A little over a year ago I was asked to be the opening speaker at a conference for those dealing in the past with the same brain illness, Encephalitis, that I had endured years ago. Nervous I was because, aside from it being my first speech I’ve ever done, I wasn’t fully at peace with the way I had it planned to end.  Ideally, I wanted it to end with encouraging words. Constant thinking as I was driving to the conference, this song came on.

Oh good, one of my favorites.  – Wait. These words!  THESE WORDS ARE PERFECT ! 

As you hear this song, try to picture what my face must have looked like realizing ‘THIS IS IT!’

Carefully I pulled over, got paper and pen out, and grabbed my phone to find the lyrics of that song on the internet. (How did we survive without cell phones?) Being immensely relieved, I now had an ending I was at peace with!  Not only that, but my nervousness decided to stay on my chair when it was time to walk up to speak for fifteen or so minutes in front of  50 or so people.

This song was the tool God used to not just give me peace on what to end that speech with, but to open the thoughts of speaking to groups, with hopes of encouraging others dealing with the same trials I’ve endured. After all, there is no mountain I can’t face, or any giant I can’t take, as long as I know I can’t do it on my own. I need Christ right next to me, pulling me along.

How about you? Is there a mountain you feel you can’t face?  Be like me. Listen to this song mid afternoon when you start having that ‘I can’t do it’ thought floating. I still do. Know that, as the song says, you’ve come this far so keep it going. You never know, You might be just one step away.

(I must throw in – I’m going to this mans concert in a few day. You have to when your favorite singer, who sings many of your favorite songs, is in town.)

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