Put Me In Coach- Song #14

Who out there hears a certain song, and up pops certain memories of your children or someone else you know? Having two daughters and two sons, we partook in what felt like every single sport/activity in the universe. Okay, maybe not every single one, but darn near close. From football, volley ball, ballet, to horseback riding. From 4H, soccer, golf, to swimming. Heck, even Spanish sword fighting. You get the idea.

Being I wound up the coach for the youngest soccer team one year, I think I’m safe to title myself a ‘Soccer Mom’.

I like putting words to photos. Sort of looks like here I’m saying to my team, “Who wants a donut after the game?”

Today’s song has to do with baseball. Year after year after year … after year our boys played. From hitting the ball off the Batting-T, to years later hitting that ball way out past the outfield border. Come rain or shine, my husband and/or I were there cheering away. Still feels like yesterday, especially when hearing this song.

(note: this video has a second song. It’s also one of my favorites but right now my story goes with just the first.)

This song makes me think back to the many years we were hollering away, watching our kids hitting, catching, running and sliding. I was sure one proud Mom watching one of my sons being one of the pitchers.

Do some of you have your favorite sport tucked away in you memory box? I’d love to hear from other parents who, come rain or shine, are out there cheering away for what ever your kids are doing. How about your very own special sport or activity?  You’d be reading forever if I told you some crazy stuff I was part of growing up. Pass us all a note with your memories.

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3 thoughts on “Put Me In Coach- Song #14”

  1. Although I can’t relate to the sporty theme of this post (sorry, we’re just not a sporty family – more of a bookworm group), I absolutely understand how a song can trigger memories. A song can transport me back to the joy of riding bike with my sister and cousins during annual camping trips; or, a song can bring back uncomfortable memories of high school relationships. Music is powerful.

    1. You are so right. Songs can easily take us back. I’ll never forget how years ago, when I was in my early teens, (early 80’s) needing to stay in one spot in my house to listen to music. I still picture me lying down on the floor, with my cassette tape player plugged in next to me. I was playing ‘cool’ songs to help me memorize them so the next time I went roller scatting, I would look ‘cool’ casually singing along with the songs. (no ipads or cell phones) – oh.. memories.

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