Let It Be – Song #12


Time to be honest. Who watched Sesame Street when they were young? Better yet, who watched it in the 70’s when I did? If so, then good chance you remember certain songs from back then about certain letters of the alphabet. If I heard any of them now I’d be able to sing them word for word. Occasionally, they had a well-known song altered just a hair to focus on a certain letter. You now get the chance to guess which letter this song was used for.

Did you guess? Now sure, more words in the Sesame Street version were altered to go with the main word change, but the main word is what I’m talking about.

Did you guess those words ‘Let It Be’ were turned into ‘Letter B’?

Sorry, but I bet from now on each time you hear this song you’ll be like me. You’ll think of the ‘Letter B’.

Okay, I give in. I will ‘let it be’ true that, if you have not heard it before, then you must. You’ve gotta see what Sesame Street did with the original.
Have fun!

How many of you remember those good old Sesame Street letter songs? If I said ‘W’ or ‘S’ or ‘X’, what comes to mind? Pass a note here of any of the letters you recall from way back when.

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  1. Ahhhhhh, now you’ve got be going through the , All About Elmo!
    Thanks for the morning smiles.

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