Tell Your Heart To Beat Again – Song 11


Do you ever feel like you can’t get back to normality after a tough day, or week, or month has gone by. I sure had to endure that years ago from a brain illness I experienced. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and now, years later, I still have to deal with memory problems. Even though I have not recovered 100%, God gets much credit for helping me, as the quote says, ‘grin and bear it‘.

When I look at my past, it doesn’t sting like it use to. Instead I look back thinking of all that the Lord has done, getting me to where I am. Now don’t get me wrong. I have to still remind myself not to give up when I feel like I easily could. Difficulties I’ve had to deal with for years I still must cope with, especially when I’m trying to reach a goal. But God keeps helping me remember each day that my story is far from over, helping me tell my own heart to beat again.

We all endure some type trial. Some people seem to get hit with more than others. Sometimes difficulties come head on, and as the song says, having us feel shattered like we’ve never been before.  During one now, or the next one to come, just remember, keep telling your heart to beat again.

Why don’t you share a tribulation God has pulled you through. We all need stories for encouragement, knowing there’s others who can relate to what we’ve endured. I know I sure do.

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2 thoughts on “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again – Song 11”

  1. Tribulations? There are many, aren’t there? Some worse than others. I’d say, a recurring issue for me is depression. That’ll suck your joy real quick. And although I can’t just “muster up” some joy when i’m feeling down, I know from experience that if I start thanking God for everything, the joy comes without me having to try to get it back. 🙂 Thanks for the post.

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    1. Thank you, Sara.
      I really really REALLY enjoyed your article, too. Couldn’t help but now follow you. The best words were…. ‘Thank you for our house – Even though it stinks.’ I instantly began laughing out loud ! I so needed that.
      Reading more about you I just grinned ear to ear – we are like minded in many ways. I too am the youngest of 7 ! Thank you for your post, too.

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