So Long Self – Song #3


I’m sure you all have that perfect song that explains how you felt on one of those most important days of your life. Out of all the songs I’ve chosen to share this month, how dare I not show this one. After all,  it opens up those perfect words on how I felt, not just on one of the best days of my life, but on THE  best day of my life: the day the Lord had the new me say so long to my old self.

In 1985, the summer after I graduated from high school, I attended a Christian camp. I’ll never forget how I came back a new Marianne. God opened my eyes at that camp to who Jesus truly is and what ‘Christian’ truly meant.  Here is a piece I shared in my book, God and Your Pillow, about that memorable day.


As the group that had arrived there together began to drive away that last day, I looked back at the campground.

It’s time I say goodbye to you, old self. I’m now my new me, very thankful to be on this new road ahead with Christ right by my side. I came home not Marianne TV-Someone-Someday Houstoun, but as a peace-filled Marianne New-Child-of-God Houstoun.


I sure felt different diving back home. ‘So Long old self’ and ‘Glad I’m not bringing you, my old me, back home.’ were the exact words I thought quite a few times as I, while sitting, looked back as the bus was taking off.  My old self and old heart arrived at that camp empty, lonely, and unsure of so much about myself. My new self, when leaving camp, was full of peace, hope, and energy to begin my new life. This song gives some of those exact words I thought back then because, as it says, I sure was a little different being I sure found somebody else.

Note – the video is a bit silly but hay, I like having fun with songs. Just make sure you pay attention to the words. (Sorry, but there may be a little add once you click.)

I know I sure was a little different being I sure found somebody else: a new me. Does any song remind you of a time when a life changing event took place? Believe me, it sure is great when a song causes you to thank God, once again, for what ever may have taken place. Let me know what song stands out to you. I’m too curious.

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3 Comments on “So Long Self – Song #3”

  1. I love your song idea, but I’m having trouble fitting the themes with the posts. Day 3 is the theme of “believe.” Love that song though! Mercy Me is awesome.


    • Hello there – We basically have the freedom to write what we’d like to. The Theme of it all who want to, to follow that word list like the normal Five Minute Friday does- but we do have the freedom to just make our own theme as well. Mine is, yep, music. – My first and second posts explains that. – Thanks for connecting, and yes… Mercy Me is awesome.


  2. Thank you for this, I’ve been looking for some new music on my playlist. So far your song’s have made the list. 🙂 I look forward to reading more of your story. Your FMF 31-day neighbor #5.


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