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Looking at the Past Because of the Present – #2

I bet you’ve had something take place fairly recently that got you to think of a certain time period that took place in your past. 
A few weeks back I shared how that had happened to me when I had fallen during my routine run. Because of that fall, I now know that collarbone is one word. Also, if you fall just right, the collarbone can break up into two or, like in my case, more than two places. I bet you are like me, wishing you didn’t have to learn facts such as these the hard way.

Slowly recuperating from this – how shall I word it – displeasing inconvenient event, I’m taking this opportunity to share yet another one of my past posts about an even harder trial God carried me through.  This literally mind boggling experience years ago has helped me in many mays. One is letting me know that unexpected health-based trials, ones that make you feel like life is spinning out of control, will later show that God had plans to show blessing from that trying experience.

I know it always helps me to read others stories of health trials others have gone through. I hope mine can somehow, someway help you.

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brown bowl

To be continued.

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