8 Things a Broken Collarbone Has Taught Me

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Have you ever tripped over something? I bet you have. But have you ever tripped over something while on your routine run at 8 pm on a sunny Summer evening? Was that unexpected trip so fast that you didn’t even realize you fell until you were flat on the ground? Did you then get up as fast as you fell so that no one would notice what just happened? But wait, there’s more.

After getting up, not sure what all just took place, did you then go back to running, not wanting anyone who may have seen you think that you were hurt? As you were running (a bit slower, however) did you sense that something had happened to your collarbone?

If so, did the thought ‘I best get back home’ come to mind? Once home, did your spouse take you to the hospital where x-rays proved that your collarbone had been broken? Did you at least hear some good news that, most likely, you won’t need surgery?

Well, have you? I have. This tumble, this fall, this topple, this plummet, what ever you want to call it, took place one week ago. And, as this last week has gone by, I sure have learned a few things.

1 – I shouldn’t keep my eyes off the sidewalk I’m running on too long, even after running that same route for 10 years.

2 – The wordings Clavicle Fracture is the same as – what I prefer to call it – Broken Collarbone. (I also learned Collarbone is one word, not two.)

3 – Being over fifty years old has me notice how young doctors and nurses can look.

4 – How more thankful I am we, a few years back, purchased a new extra wide, plush, electrical reclining chair for the living room, one that I’ve been almost living on this entire week.

5 – I love my kids even more being they went out of their way, each one on different days, to bring me food. One actually opened my eyes, causing me to finally give in. I’m proud to say I now have a food delivery app on my phone. WOO HOO !

6 – I can now wash my hair in the sink using just one hand.

7 – I love the sound of my husband or my son doing the dishes. That, along with taking the garbage cans out AND back in.

Time now for the last but most important.

8 I have learned that I am one who still sheds tears even though I know God has reasons for what He plans for me. He has reasons for planning that run I took. He has reasons for all this unpleasantness I’ve been experiencing this last week, with, sad to say, more weeks to come. I’m thankful I know that, but I also know tears are still there.


This list mainly covers the more relaxed side of what I’ve endured and what I’ve learned, but the 8th gives a taste of a few more things I learned, and, Lord willing, plan to share next week.

But let me first share one quote. – Being on a spiritual path does not prevent you from facing the darkness, but it teaches you how to use the darkness as a tool to grow.

To be continued.

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8 thoughts on “8 Things a Broken Collarbone Has Taught Me”

  1. I’d love a food delivery app on my phone. Unfortunately there’s only one nearby company signed up to any and I live too far away for delivery 🙁

    1. I have to say, I tried to order some all on my own, but MAN ! The amount of money added on kept me from doing it. Pretty much doubled the price! Made me appreciate more what my daughter did for me that day.
      I know I’ll give-in someday, though. I’m feeling much better now so I can’t use pain as an excuse, however. (darn it) 😉

      1. So NOW you should finally have compassion for me when I fell & broke my ankle and was laid up luckily I had many friends come by to help but having no family & being a widow makes life more difficult prayers & compassion for you! Texas Lady

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