10 Ways To Tell You Are a Mom

Red written Mom with heart

Mom – The shorter version of the word Mother.

Mom – One of those words probably said the most.

Mom – the one who has certain talents that increase as days, months, and years as a mom increase.

Listed below are a few of those talents that stand out. You know you really are a mom when…

1 – you judge the quality of a restaurant by the kind of the baby chairs they have.

2 – you joyfully sing lullabies, realizing that you have a potential singer in you.

3 – you are able to take a 3 minute shower.

5 – having 4 hours of continuous sleep is the new definition of miracle.

6 – you begin to enjoy watching Telly-Tubby.

7 – You instantly can say the name of three different brands of diapers.

8 – analyzing color and texture of baby poop isn’t as disgusting as it use to be.

9 – you start rocking back and forth even when you are not holding your baby.

10 – your average time talking on the phone went from 20 minutes to 5.

I had fun making this list while reminiscing to what I did years ago. Now? Let’s just say I love waking up using my own body clock, gabbing forever on the phone, and singing MY songs in the car. (I still wonder ‘Hmmm. Maybe I am good at singing.’) I do know I’d never change these memories for anything. Okay, maybe getting less than 4 hours of sleep I’d replace with 4 hours in a hot tub…weekly.

Let’s see if you can add to this list by sharing something you learned once becoming a ‘Mom’. I bet those of you who routinely babysit can also relate. Why don’t you share something you’ve learned that’ has become normal to you.

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  1. You use baby wipes to clean just about everything around the house
    You feel so weird walking down the street without a pushchair (you know the feeling when you forgot your watch? That’s just about the same only with panic added)

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