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10 Things Learned With the New Title ‘Mother’

Have you ever been stunned at something you became. Perhaps you know you would have a certain title soon but didn’t really know what it would feel like. I was given one of the most important titles back in 1987. That title?

Mother –

If you know my story, if you’ve read my past postings, then you know it was a tough time when I found out, at 19 years old, I was pregnant. I often say it was one major soap-opera. My last post shows how I was feeling 24 hours after getting ‘Mother’ as my new title.

Being I’ve shared bits and pieces here of things I endured during those life-changing nine months, I can’t help but mention a few things I had learned. I, along with many others who have endured an unplanned pregnancy, admit there are a few rather important aspects of life that were learned.

1- Don’t put what you think is right above what God knows is right.

2- Never trust yourself 100% in all of your decisions.

3- You’ll realize God shows His children He truly cares.

4- You begin seeing your own parents differently.

5 – You’ll begin seeing a lot of people differently.

6- You learn to appreciate those who love and support you.

7- You realize you had a bit too much pride in yourself before.

8 – You see a new you taking root, not only in your tummy, but in your heart.

9 – You look differently at your spare time knowing you’ll soon be caring for a baby.

10 -Looking at your baby for the very first time, and as those first 24 hours go by, you just might realize how a baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.

Life comes a full circle when you see for yourself, a new life that you made.

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