That ‘First’ List Began

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We all have that first-time-list of times we’ll never forget. Find out what I added to my list as soon as I had the title ‘Mother’.

My last writing was about my first time alone with my very own daughter. I felt like a baby myself during those few minutes as my new title Mother sunk in. But now I want to share how that word ‘First’ began to really sink in while my mother was driving my daughter and I home from the hospital.

It’s best explained from my book.

God and My Pillow Book cover
A Memoir


Going up that driveway with Mom driving wasn’t weird. We’d done that oodles and oodles of times. What was weird was it being the first time going up that driveway with me as a mom! My first time ever in a car with my very own daughter, all cozy in her car seat. First time ever on that dead-end, going up that driveway, about to go into her very first home. Pulling that car seat out for the first time as it held my precious baby daughter. I’ll never forget how that felt.


Being in that hospital felt like I wasn’t in my normal world. But once out, while driving home, it hit me a bit deeper; my new life as an official mother has now begun. Question marks were floating right along with those first-time thoughts. As she drove us home, my own mom was confirming that she was right there to help with this new single-mother life that had begun not even twenty-four hours earlier. I was praying while staring at my adorable new baby who was all cozy for the first time in her very first car seat, “Lord, please help me know what I’m doing with all these first-time stuff going on.”

God had that list of first-timers for me already planned. I bet He even looked forward to seeing how I’d feel when all this newness stuff hit me, knowing I’d soon cherish each and every one I’d experience.

Time now for you to think.

Can you mothers out there recall your first times as a mom? But not just you mothers. I bet all of you can recall some season in your life when First was hitting you left and right? Some times may only FEEL like it’s the first time, but I’m talking about when it actually was a real FIRST time. I’d love to read a bit about what it was for you.

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