Two Answers to The Question ‘Why?’

Red question mark behind human body thinking

We all have our set of personal problems with which we must deal with. Why? Why have we all had moments in our live that have occurred that we wish had not? We wish the reasons for our harsh Whys did not exist.

Here, I’ll try to explain.

God brings things our way that have us ask Him the ‘why‘ questions. We all wish He would just text us the best answer a few seconds after we ask. Why, God? Why this? Why that? Why me? Why didn’t you stop it yet?

This song by Danny Gokey gives a few reasons why I tightly hold onto God, and ‘why’ we go through what we do. Simply put, this song helps shows how God is making us better inside by what ever He’s had us endure.

When the song began, I instantly thought of the times when my faith was waring me down. A past illness that affects me to this day came to mind. Then thoughts of the very hard soap-opera I endured with my unplanned pregnancy began. That then had me pondering if my efforts with my book about my unplanned pregnancy was really worth it. By that point of my thinking, the best part of this song played.

This song encouraged me, having me think of the latest comment someone left about my book. Those comments, plus phone calls I’ve had from readers, had me cling to the words in this song. I sort of felt God giving a little tap on my shoulder telling me . . . “Someone’s going to need your story, Marianne, to get them through the night. Someone just might need your story to show how I am right beside them through their fight.

But that’s not the only reason God put us under tougher than normal trials. Because of what we’ve gone through, others hopefully see that God gets the glory by the way He, as the song says, won our fight.

Now, what about you? Why has He had you go through any trial in your past, or why the one you are going through right now?

Even when the storm keeps baring down, keep in mind our Lord has reasons. It may take weeks, months, or even years to find out the reasons., but keep in mind as you wait that life is about connecting the dots, and constantly moving forward. It makes you stronger. It can be a tool to help you find your purpose in life, with a bit more peace, when you wish to find that answer to Why?

Marianne Petersen’s book God and Your Pillow is now available on (Amazon) – Follow Marianne on Twitter at @mariannesmemoirs  and Facebook at @marimemoirs.

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