Mom’s Best Gift

Quote - A Mother is she who can take the place of all the others

Happy Mother’s Day !

This Mother’s day is one of many that I pull out a certain photo album my mother gave me many years ago for Christmas. Being a mother of four myself, I was thankful my parents lived not even 8 minutes away. Seeing them often was a must, along with exchanging Christmas gifts. About twenty years ago she handed me the best gift I’ve ever been given; a photo album.

This photo album proved to me even more what true ‘Motherly Love’ can be. She obviously had spent hours putting together this photo album that showed me, her youngest of seven, growing up. But not just photos. Nope. My mother put old papers I had written her, along with school class photos, report cards, plus pictures of things I made or wrote.

Talk about hearts melting !

My heart sure melted when I began looking through that album.

Unforgettable Memories

These are just a fraction of all the photos she put together; many photos of things I made, plus letters I even wrote to her. Whole looking through that photo album, my own children loving seeing what I looked like at their age. One unforgettable time, indeed.

But that gift wasn’t all. Most children have that one certain stuffed animal or doll that was their best friend for years. My mother saved mine. I can never forget how I felt when I held that, the first time in over twenty years.

I tell ya, I still feel like I’m four years old when ever I see this now. Tucked in a cosy spot in my closet, it’s pulled out to ‘talk’ with my grandkids stuffed animals when ever one finds its way to Grammas home.

My mother passed away about 14 years ago, but I know her love to me is still clearly felt just a photo album away. God knew just who I needed.

How about you? Do you have photo albums tucked away? Pull some out today. See if you can find memories of you with your mom, dad, family or friends. Not the ones still hiding on your phone or computer, but those good old photo albums. While looking, thank God for the photos that He has made sure you have to remember those precious years packed with memories.

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