Illness - Encephalitis

Remember To Remember-Part 2

Driver looking out front window while driving

Do you recall the last time you were driving your car when a new song came on.

“Hmmm, this one kinda sounds like my kinda song.”

A few more words go by. “I love the words it has.” 

Finally, a few more lines later, “I GOTTA GET THIS ONE!”

That is how I found the song I first shared in my last writing. That song encourages us to remember that God is there, carrying us during those hard mountains in life, or those dark tunnels we find ourselves in.

But something else about that song stood out; it’s title. That title gave me a boost to get my second book out that’s in the making as you read. Why? The word  Remember  always hits my heart. The word Remember plays a big part in a brain illness that affected my memory.  My ability to remember common things in life isn’t as easy as I’d like because of a brain illness that hit me twenty-eight years ago. It is explained in past posts under my blogs titled Illness-Encephalitis.  Here is one of the latest posts on that subject  

If you go back a bit in those blogs, you’ll find how hard it was for me at remembering what things were called. Remembering what the names of people, places, and things were was incredibly difficult.  That is why this song hit me hard, being, still to this day, I often tell myself I must remember to remember. 

My future book will be about, as the song worded, the darkest valley I’ve ever had to be carried through.  Like my first book, God and Your Pillow, my next book will be to encourage others. It will be to show that God’s plans are perfect, even if we don’t feel it at the time. 

Time now for you to remember something very important. Remember something that can make your everyday life, or your unexpected life changing experience go by with a bit more peace. Remember to remember that . . .God knows what He’s doing.

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