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Remember To Remember-Part 1

There is another reason this song stood out to me. I’ll be sharing that next week.



Can you recall a time when things in life were going, for the most part, pretty smooth.  I bet you can. But I also bet you can recall a certain time things were not going quite as peace-filled as you would have liked. We all have. There’s a good chance we all wish we were able to forget those situations, right?

I do, however, want to encourage you to be glad you can’t forget those times because, if you do, you’d be forgetting that God was actually right there, carrying you along.

I think back to a few tough ordeals I’ve had to deal with. A few larger than normal trials I would have loved to have avoided. Yet, there is something about them that makes me actually glad they took place. Something that makes me want to tell you that we need to, when dealing with hard times, remember to remember.

What do I mean? Remember that God had reasons for causing it all. It was God who led you up to the top of the highest mountain that sure was not easy to climb.  Remember how He carried you through those deep and dark times.  Remember His promises that He’ll be right there with you on every step on the road ahead. Remembering how He obviously carried me through my two ordeals has me know He’ll be there again with trials ahead.

Thinking this way won’t make future trials over-flow with smiles. Of course not.  But, here is one of many examples God showed He was holding me in my unplanned pregnancy that I’m thankful is there to remember.

this picture is a clue.

Doctor and patient are discussing

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There are a few versed from this one song by Steven Curtis Chapman I want to share.  I hope you seeing the words I led your, or I carried you help you as they sure help me. 

And now I’m looking out at the road that’s waiting
But my eyes can only see so far out ahead of me
As sure as the sun will shine there’ll be more mountains I will climb
And more deep dark shadowlands where desperate faith is all I have

Remember the way I led you up to the top of the highest mountain
Remember the way I carried you through the deepest dark
Remember my promises for every step on the road ahead
Look where you’ve been and where you’re going
Look where we’ve been and where we’re going
And remember to remember

Time now for you to think. Why don’t you share with me a song that stands out to you right here ! As soon as I see that title, you know I’ll be looking it up.

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