Unplanned to be Hit With ‘Unplanned’


I bet we’ve all seen a movie that hit our heart, soul, and mind more than most. I bet quite a few of you have seen a movie that, to some extent, applied to your life. The movie Unplanned sure did to me.

Most of you know, I assume anyway, what it’s about, and have even read a few reviews. If not, I strongly suggest you do. (Both sides, of course)

What am I wanting to share about that movie? How, while sitting in that dark theater, ready for my solid Pro-life thoughts to start pounding as I watch, a small unexpected melt-like feeling took over. When I saw the face of that first young woman walking into that abortion center, my Pro-life reasoning for watching slid to the side while a little dampness on my eyes began to form. Why? Because of that deep down gut feeling I was having; that feeling I had after finding out I was pregnant 32 years ago.

Picture after picture of me at age 19 began filling my thoughts. I felt as if I was back in 1986, with worry-filled questions floating all around as I left my home to get a pregnancy test. It was a test only me, myself, and I knew I’d be doing. Next, that feeling I felt when I learned what ‘positive’ meant was right there as well. 

Watching that movie, seeing that first face of many in that abortion clinic, reminded me how close I came to going to Planned Parenthood for my own pregnancy test. Back then, as I entertained the thought that having an abortion would be my best choice, I’m convinced that if this one certain event that kept me from going to Planned Parenthood didn’t occur, life-long regrets would be with me to this day. If you have not read my past post about that certain day, please do. Click here to read Part 1 , and Part 2 to finish that story



If you read, you’ll find out why I thank God how He used a good old phone, way-back-when, to guide me.  

The case that the movie “Unplanned” makes is sobering to consider. I lean on the ‘must see’ side regardless of what side of the issue you stand on, praying it will open the minds of many what really takes place. I also want to encourage all who are pro-life that there is hope; hope that more will see, like the woman in the movie, when and where true life truly begins. 


I can’t help but share how thankful I am that my book is now available, being the abortion issue is out in the open a lot more than normal.  My reason and the timing of my book go hand-in-hand. I encourage anyone who desires to see a bit more about my story to check out my memoir called God and Your Pillow. Grab it in book or Kindle form right here on  Amazon .

Please feel free to share respond, and share your thoughts of the movie. I can’t help but see who else’s eyes may have gotten a little damp. I know it wasn’t just me. 

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