Proof God Plans What’s Going To Happen

God’s timing is perfect clock

~ Do you ever notice different ways God shows you He’s thinking about you? I’m convinced we all need to keep an eye out for His surprises, convinced He loves surprising us at the perfect time.

As I’ve shared before, one of the ways He shows He’s there for me is through music, and yes, this is another story. 

A few years ago, I had been practicing, off and on, for a speech I was giving at a Toastmasters competition. The kitchen timer and I were buddies as it helped me stick to my seven-minute limit. I couldn’t help but want to say a few lines from a song that worded perfectly a few points I wanted to use at the end of my speech. It’s best you turn it on right now as you keep reading. 

I’ve shared this song here once before to explain how I was asked to speak at a conference held a few years ago, and how this song unexpectedly yep perfectly popped up. The speech I’m talking about now was my last speech I’d give in Toastmasters. This speech was covering how following a dream is possible, even after a major problem in life can be a heavy cloud between you and that dream. I could have read quite a few lyrics of that song, but I decided to stick this time to just one line: You’ve come so far, keep going.

The evening for the competition had arrived. The last time I could practice the speech at home was now over.

Okay. I think I’m ready,” I thought as I headed to the car.  “All I need to bring is my stuff in the bag. I should do my speech one last time while driving. I have to make sure I end it all with the same words from the song,” I thought as I got into the car.

Car door is open.

I sit down.

Door shut.

Key in.

Car starts.

The last radio station that was on begins.

My mind was 101% thinking about my speech, not caring at all what song might be on. But the first song playing right then and there was impossible to ignore being it was the song you are now listening to. And not only was it that same song, but the part of the song with those words I planned to say.

drawing of shocked womans face

I’m not kidding !

Talk about being stunned !

I forgot all about my speech, and just pondered on the fact that God was there from my first speech in front of 40 or so, to the one I’d be giving within the next hour. It left me with a ‘You can do this, Marianne. I’m here with ya.’

Instantly, I was at peace with that speech I was soon to give, for I instantly felt God was giving me a grin while giving me that boost I needed.  He was letting me know He’s right next to me with my goals. And of course I was reminded, again, how God’s timing is perfect, even with a song.

Can you think of a way He connects with you? For me, one of the ways is music? But what about you? why don’t you keep your mind ready to notice if there is a certain way or two that He connects with you? Perhaps something you do, or hear, or witness off-and-on as weeks or months, or even a year goes by.  Keep your eyes and ears ready to see what just might stand out that shows God’s grinning  right there with you as well.

Romans 5: 3-4 — And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

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