Five Minute Friday

Reward – Five Minute Friday


Every few weeks I am part of a writing challenge where writers are to see what they can write after being given one word.

We can ponder on it for a few minutes, even a few hours if we’d like before we spend those five minutes writing. We are to apply that word to ourselves, showing how that one word can mean many different things.

Todays word is –  as the title shares – Reward.

Okay, 5 minutes . . . GO ! 

My very first thought that popped up with the word reward was how I wound up waking up incredibly early this morning.  3:46 to be exact.

“Oh great. I can tell I’m too awake to fall back to sleep. Far too many thoughts and questions.”


So much on my mind as of late with projects that have to get done, should get done, or could be hidden for a while. What to do? How to do it? When to do it?

But one inpoarticular took over; a speaking contest I’ll soon be in next week. I did a dress rehearsal with my Toastmasters group a few days ago, and got a few suggestions on changes to make. Playing with those ideas at 4:15-4:45, all of my thoughts could almost be seen floating over my head.


” I GOT IT ! “


The idea popped up that found total piece. Heck, it even made a dream that’s been building get even stronger. No way could I stay in bed for one more minute.

I’m running out of time to talk about that dream, but lets just say I sure found a reward for waking up incredibly early.

God hears my thanks for having me wake up at 3:46 to see just how much better He’s made my brain work before the rest of the world wakes up.


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