Thankful For Your Scars

Quote - Sometimes you need to fall before you can fly

Who else loves hearing a song for the first time, knowing instantly it’ll go on your ‘Must Have’ list?  This song sure did that to me.

I’ll explain more as you listen.

When in the car while hearing this song, I instantly thought how it described what I often feel inside. The word ‘scars‘ hit me hard. Why? Because hearing that song had me instantly realized how God had me face a few trials which have left me a few scars.

But, like the song says, I’m thankful for those scares, those scares that help me remember who He is. These wounds He saw that I needed have been well worth it being I have more peace in other trials that have tagged along in life.

“Quick, before I forget this title, I have to jot it down!” I thought while driving.

It was a must to grab some paper and a pen, and write what I thought would be the title. (Don’t worry, I was careful.) As soon as I got home, after looking them up, I learned about the band called I Am They.  After hearing more of their songs, they instantly fell onto my list of favorite groups. Of course I had to make my birthday that’s coming up as the excuse to buy their album.

But what about you? Do you have a scar that you are thankful for? Perhaps this song has given you, as it did me, a speck of peace about the scars formed from your past, scars perhaps forming now, or scars not yet known.


Incase you are new here, lets me share the two trials from past posts that have left me these few scars.  1st one here  –  2nd one here

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