Thankfulness Now

clock 1Time flies. Many things that took place years ago can often feel like it just took place yesterday.

Last week we covered having thankfulness from your past. This week, let’s talk about thankfulness from everyone’s ‘Now ‘.

But what about now? What about YOUR now? Think about what’s around today that brings you a smile. Does a person, place, or thing instantly come to mind? Maybe something occurred in the past that has affected your life today. Perhaps the word ‘THANKFUL’, all in caps, is floating in your mind from something out of the blue that popped up even a few days ago.

Yesterday, something happened to me that I’m extra thankful for. It’s something that will easily find a place in my journal. I received an email stating that my book – God and Your Pillow – was chosen as one of the award finalists in a book writing contest. And to top it off, as the books are shown, one under the other, making you scroll down to see what’s next, my book showed first in line after four from the Award Winner list are viewed.

                                    ! WHOO HOOO ! 

Check it out here.


Time the saying ‘jumping for joy’ fits in when I noticed the location.

Now sure, that is a bit bigger than most all other things I’m thankful for in my normal day-in and day-out life. That isn’t the same as the thankfulness I felt just a few minutes before I read that. I was outside staring at that perfect sun slowly going down with perfect blue sky all around. I stayed outside a bit longer, soaking in my favorite scene. Beautiful. “Thank you, God.”

All year long we should be thankful for those things, people or events that surround you and me, day in and day out. For instance, I love when our heater comes on, thankful we are able to stay nice and warm. Do you pop in that ‘Thankful’ thought each time you have to choose what shirt to wear, or what pair of socks to use. How about when you pull out those few bucks to grab your favorite drink. Or better yet, when your spouse, child, best friend, or heck, even your dog comes into that room while you’re comfortably sitting on your cozy couch.

Be thankful today for the simple things in life. Perhaps when you wake up, before you think about that long list of things you need to deal with, let your first thought be one of thanks, contentment and gratitude.

Thank God for your new day. Thank God for your ‘Now’.

Colossians 4:2 –  Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving;

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