What Faith Can Do – Song #20


Faith : noun 

1 – Confidence or trust in a person or thing.
2 – Belief that is not based on proof.
3 – Belief in God or in the doctrines of teachings of religion.
4 – What Marianne has learned is a necessity in life.

Time to make your own definition of Faith. How would you define it?

Let me explain how I made that 4th definition. My sky seemed to be falling a few times in past years. The one that especially stood out was when I was only nineteen, going through an unplanned pregnancy. (#1*) Whenever I hear this song, I think of the little faith I had when that whole soap opera started, but then how it grew as God kept showing me He was right there, showing me He cared, doing what was best for me.  This song helps describe what I learned.

Sure, I felt my heart aching, starving for faith, with the amount of worrying far more than I could take. But I didn’t give up. Even though that little speck of faith was hiding, it was still there.  Slowly, God was showing more of His presence thus causing my faith to slowly grow.


Even though I felt the cloud was falling, and falling hard, God let me know there was still that sun behind it.

Week by week, month by month, little things were showing God, my heavenly Father, was holding me. I began to see silent prayers get answered. He revealed blessings I wasn’t expecting. A few I have shared in past posts. (Here’s one of them.)   I’m not saying I was smiling ear to ear 24/7, but it sure was getting close.

So if you feel your sky is falling, thinking that it’s all more than you can take, have faith. Cling instead to the one that can help fill you with unexpected peace. If you feel like you can’t over come the odds, faith will tell you that you can because, as the song says, that’s what faith can do.

1* – Click to read how I felt after finding out I was pregnant.

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