– Complete – Five Minute Friday –


Complete – the feeling authors never really experience. 

As an author, I know one fact: you never feel fully complete each time you push the ‘send’ button of your next group of chapters to your editor. Let me explain.

Every time I was done touching up the next group of chapters before sending them to my editor, 101% of the time I’d think,  ‘I best read it just one last time before I press ‘send’.  

One last time? Yea right. Dream on, Marianne. After that one time, you fix something. Then one more time. Fix something else. Then, yep, one more. On and on and on. I have come to believe that authors never feel fully complete with their writing. ‘It’s as good at it can be’ sounds more like what I thought before pressing ‘send’.


It’s perfect ! once in a blue moon would come to mind. Whenever I felt that, I’d say to myself, ‘I better not read it again. Just send it. Juuuuuuust send it.’ 



Thankfully, complete can still fit in because of one fact: God knows what He’s doing with my writing. His plans for me and my book are, yes, already complete. I find a bit more peace knowing that fact, even though the thought still floats as I read my finished, printed book,  ‘oh… I should have put that word there.’   


Marianne Petersen’s book God and Your Pillow is now available. (Amazon) – You can follow Marianne on Twitter at @marimemoirs and read more on her blog, marimemoirs.com.

Complete – five Minute Friday

2 thoughts on “Complete – five Minute Friday

  1. I definitely do that with my writing- I look over the “final version” and change it so many times before sending. I’m grateful for deadlines- they make me hit send- otherwise I’d never get anything done! Visiting from FMF #24.


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