Five Minute Friday

Rush – Five Minute Friday

                       – Rush – Five Minute Friday



 “Come on. let’s get going.”

“Hurry up. We need to go now.”

“Speed up, guys. Let’s go!”

Just a few of many sentences we’ve all said throughout the years.


I know those were sure said when my kids were little. We’d be getting things together to go some where. Year after year was filled with many of those Hurry up’s

Then one day my eyes were opened up from an article I read. I don’t remember the exact words but it sure stuck to me ever since. It stated how kids are always surrounded with those rush-rush words. “Come on! Walk faster,” is one of many said on a routine basis.

Guilt hit me right then and there. I was one molding in my kids minds how life must have a rush-filled feeling 24/7. Not good. From then on I’ve always caught myself when those thoughts began to form. Do we really have to go so fast?  became my new question. I then began making it so we weren’t in such a rush so often.

I didn’t change over night, that’s for sure, but I did try my darnedest to get that rush-rush feeling to show up less and less. Slow down, Marianne. Slooooooow down.   

shadow figure



How about we see if we all can replace that word ‘Rush’ with that one simple word: Relax.



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4 thoughts on “Rush – Five Minute Friday

  1. I love this. I am guilty of saying those words way to often! Sadly, the main reason I tell my kids to hurry up is when we are going somewhere and I didn’t start preparing to leave in a reasonable time frame so we are running late. This weeks prompt made me relfect on that and how I can do better to not always be in a rush!


  2. Thank you, and believe me…I know. We were also often just a few minutes behind, or so I had it feel.
    I’m sure that reading is what, years ago, got me in the habit of being ready to go a few minutes early.
    Just have your coffee sooner, shoes on sooner, and watch the kids happily skip their way to the car.


  3. One of my favorite things about retirement is replacing the word rush with relax! I’m afraid I am guilty of rushing not only my own children but my students as well. I will try harder with my grands! Thank you for sharing this Marianne! Cindy @fmf FB page


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