Five Minute Friday

Vacation – Five Minute Friday

                                – Vacation –


“Be patient. Be patient, Marianne. You and the man I gave you may have to wait until all your kids I blessed you with are all out before you two can really go out on one cool and relaxing vacation. Remember. Patience is a virtue.”


Now sure, God didn’t say those exact words to me years ago, but it sure feels like it now. Having four kids, homeschooling many of those years, being pretty much a one-income family, we just couldn’t do much vacationing aside from camping off and on in life. (Which were all awesome, by the way.) Or, if we did stay in a hotel, it wasn’t the most relaxing atmosphere. No real planned, day after day hotel stays of just him and I. No real ’Heck, since it’s only you and I here, we’ll do this and, heck, get this thing as well.”


None of that until – drum roll please – when my husband and I got our first taste of that a few years ago.

What? Just my husband and I? Really?  Yep. And those hotels even come with a hot tub ! We’ve even been able to do a few more afterwards. 


I thank God, and take being able to do this now as His way of saying – “Marianne, you and your hubby have worked your tails off raising your kids. You deserve a vacation. Maybe you did have to wait until all the kids I gave you were moved out, but as you can see . . .it was well worth the wait. 



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4 thoughts on “Vacation – Five Minute Friday

    1. Thanks ! We actually are sort of planning another. Our big 3-0 anniversary was last month and using that as our next excuse to do one, Lord willing, at the end of the summer. (It’s too hot now where we’d like to go) – Thanks again.


  1. Just one more “perk” to this empty-nest phase of life:) Like you, our vacations as a family were great…but we sure are enjoying these new kind of vacations! With fancy hotels!!:)

    Is that you vacationing in DC?? (my backyard! always seems funny that people spend money to come here….and the rest of us just want to get away!!)


    1. You’re funny 🙂 That’s how we feel being we live in Seattle area. – I totally can understand. Actually, we decided to vacation there as a great excuse to finally visit out son in the Marines which is very close. Sort of ‘kill two birds with one stone’ –


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