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Three Important Questions – Part 3


I was greatly encouraged a few weeks ago because of the answer I found to three questions. ‘Yes’ to all three is why ‘Yes’ is now the answer to a question I’ve been pondering about these last few years: should I give talks to encourage woman going through an unplanned pregnancy?

My last blog gave the first out of two things that I hope future speeches will accomplish. (1*) The second one I’m sharing now: to encourage pregnant women who have decided to let, not just an ‘It’, but a living he or she live.   

But first let me explain how the determination to finish my book got me where I am. When I discovered a few years back that Planned Parenthood was selling aborted babies, steam began coming out of my ears BIG time, making me more determined to finish my book. As months passed, it finally was presidential election day. Hour after hour slowly went by. Late that night, as it became clear Trump was winning, my face demonstrated what ‘smiling ear-to-ear’ meant. I’ll be honest, his promise to stop the government from supporting Planned Parenthood was the main reason I began praying even more he would win. Eagerness to get my book done ignited big time.


Now that my book is out, hoping my own personal story can be found and read to help many, I’m now eager to talk to those whom this book is meant for. I’m hoping that my speech will decrease worry, guilt, sadness, and confusion for those going through an unplanned pregnancy, while it increases hope, joy, willingness, peace, and prayer.

So there you have it: my sharing of how and why the peace I felt speaking to that large group meant so much to me. It encouraged me to boldly tell others that, as a certain song says, ‘Love will stand in the place of the one who’s guilty’ (the mother) and ‘Give a voice to those who can’t speak.’ (the baby)

I also want to encourage those reading right now. Has a certain person said that perfect sentence or two you needed to hear at the perfect time?  Thank them. Or let’s turn it around. Ask yourself if you could take an opportunity to give a sentence or two to help someone through their tough time.  If so, pray about it. God just might be wanting to use you to help break the dark, making you to shine and bring radiate light?

1* – Press here to read part 2.

2* – Press here to read what got me thinking more about speaking to groups.

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