Running With My Book – Part 2

      – Running With My Book – Part 2 – 


My last writing (1*) explained how, during a two-mile run I did every few days, most of my thoughts were about the book I was writing during that time. After a few years of writing went by, my thoughts began to run in an entirely different direction. “I’m almost done with my book. Wow! But now what?”

Run after run, thoughts turned into who, what, where, when, why, and how questions:

“Who should be my editor? What words, sentences, or paragraphs need to be fixed or taken out before I even try to find an editor? Where do I learn all the pros and cons about the different ways you can publish a book? When should I decide how to publish? Why can’t I keep 100 percent of the dollars my book sells for? (Man, was I dumb.)  How in the world do I decide all this without going bonkers?” 

These thoughts were just a fraction of how many I had. ‘Lord, please help me know what I’m writing,’ turned into ‘Lord, please help me know what I’m doing.’ 



When not running, I was glued to Google, soaking in anything I could find on the internet to help answer these question.



Thankfully, my biggest step during all these months took place: I found my editor. “Thanks God, for spoiling me,” found a comfortable spot in the middle of all those other things pestering me as I ran.

My thoughts, however, still questioned if this was all going to work.

“Am I crazy? What have I gotten myself into? I might feel it’s totally my thing to self-publish, but does that just mean I’m totally crazy?” Thankfully, God’s sparks of encouragement kept me going, whether it was having me meet certain people, read the right website, or just keep me hearing that perfect song as I ran.

Speaking of perfect songs, it’s time I share another one. I already knew this song, but during a certain run it suddenly felt like it was written specifically for me. “Why is that lady who’s running wiping her eyes?” I’m sure people were questioning while driving by. Listen and see if you can tell why.

– Title- Already There by Casting Crowns.

This song is worded perfectly, being it was so hard for me to see where by book was going and where God was leading me. I just wish I knew how all my fears and all my questions were going to play out in a book-selling world that I have no way of controlling. Thankfully, I was reminded and assured that God is and was already there, knowing just how my book would turn out.

We all need to keep that fact in our minds. God is already ahead. His plans are perfect for His children. If you are one of His, then one day you too will stand before Him and look back at the life you’ve lived, enjoying the view, and seeing just how all the pieces fit. They may not seem to fit now, but be patient, for the time will come when they will.

Isaiah 40:31  – But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.

Finally, my book was – drumroll please – DONE!

To be continued.

1* – Click here to read my last posting. 

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Running With My Book – Part 1

        – Running With My Book – Part 1 –     jog

Something’s going on with the book I’m publishing that I want to share. But first I thought it best I tell you about my entire jogging history. What? A jogging story? What in the world does that have to do with the story of my unplanned pregnancy? Here, let me explain.

No, I’m not one who runs mile after mile, one who doesn’t allow rain nor sleet nor snow to stop me. And I’m far from being one who partakes in those long fifteen-k runs. Nope, far from it. It’s more like two miles, a few times a week, and only if the weather isn’t too crazy. The main reason I run is to help keep my cholesterol level down and my energy level up. I will also go only, I repeat, ONLY, if my iPod or cell phone, filled with fast-paced songs, jogs right along with me. (I refuse t to hear my feet pounding on the pavement.)

For many years I only ran in the summer. (I’m an official wimp to coldness.) But, about five years ago I decided to try running all year. (Grow up, Marianne. Be tough.) Gloves, thick sweaters, and hoodies close by when needed. The pros that far outweighed the cons have kept me going. Something about running had me feeling that I was escaping life, allowing me to not only listen to my favorite music, but think of things I couldn’t so easily think about when in the house.

After those first six months ‘ran’ by, I realized one main thought always came along with me: my book.



Thinking about God and Your Pillow encouraged me to keep writing. I mostly thought about what had taken place and where I was in my book. “I for sure have to include that,” or “No way will I put that in,” were common thoughts as my feet pounded down that sidewalk. Thoughts of how God showed He was with me in those parts of my life stood out as well



The question if all these thoughts were truly going to turn into a real book also ran along, causing praying to take part during those runs.

‘God, I need your help. I cannot, in any way, shape, or form, do any of this without Your guidance.”

And, of course, I couldn’t help but make words from the songs apply to my writing as my feet pounded to the beat.

Here’s an example – “All Things Possible,” by Mark Schultz.

Even when it feels like the light is fading (in my book writing) and I’ve lost my way,

Still I’m holding on to the one who’s making all things (my writing a book) possible.

And even when it feels like my heart is breaking, hold on. There is strength. (man, I need it.)

Knowing I belong to the one who’s making all things (even writing a book) possible.


Giggle if you want, but somehow it helped keep me running and writing.

I’ll share a bit more of why I’m telling you all this next time, but for now, I encourage you to think of a time you have to escape life on a routine basis. Do you? If not, make one. Not when you’re giving that needed attention to your kids, or working on your computer, making those phone calls, or any other mind-working necessity, but a time you might be away from your normal surroundings, when your mind can routinely escape for a bit.  Because, just like the song says, that time might help you hold on and help you remember you belong to the one who’s making all things possible.


Marianne Petersen’s book God and Your Pillow is now available. (Amazon) – You can follow Marianne on Twitter at @marimemoirs and read more on her blog,