My ‘No WAY Do I Wanna Forget’ Summer

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My last posting’s title was The ‘I’d Like To Forget’ Summer Continues.  Let me explain why that title had done a total turn around being it became one I never want to forget.

My last sentence from my last post begins to explain why –  God decided that evening, during that song, to unlock someone’s heart: mine  – Its best you read it and see what was up with this song.  (1*) –  Nothing great about that song but still no way will I ever forget those few minutes. It changed my way of thinking because it changed my heart. But the song wasn’t what changed my thinking. God did.

Shortly after she started singing, for some strange reason I began picturing in my mind a man’s somewhat generic-looking face looking at me right over my shoulder, quietly saying a few times, “I love you.” 

What in the world? It kind of looks like Jesus is saying that directly to me!

Hard to explain, but it was as if  He was giving me a little tap on the shoulder, getting my attention, letting me know He loved me. I repeat, hard to explain. 

Man, oh, man, something is totally happening!

Now, just for the record, I’m not at all one to encourage the world to let emotions take over. Our emotions can be so misleading. I wasn’t as aware of this fact back then as I am now, but I still knew enough to know that it wasn’t any overly exploding emotion that caused all this. I just know one thing: something of great value was taking place.

What’s happening? Nothing’s really great about this lady’s way of singing, and it’s not like the words of this song are really an emotion grabber. So WHAT’S GOING ON

So many Bible facts I grew up with, plus the things I had been hearing those last few days about Jesus dying for sinners, finally clicked. He died for MY sins. It was as if God put a key in the door that opened my heart, allowing me to see how undeserving I am of that love. Right then I felt like dirt. Right then I felt I needed His forgiveness for how sinful and selfish I had been those eighteen years. 

I then began feeling this full load of sin taken off my back, being replaced with forgiveness and love. I felt broken, but then repaired. Man, what a refreshing feeling. Sure, I had never killed anyone and was, for the most part, a clean-cut girl, but now I knew that wasn’t enough.

Finally, the few things I had heard from other believers and some of the messages given that week made sense. It was that night God chose to . . .


It was as if some light that I was trying to find finally sparked! I was face-to-face, looking at that light. 

I finally began understanding what this ‘new heart’ thing meant! Wow! When that song was almost over I leaned over and whispered, “Willma! Something special just happened! I feel different,” 

To be continued.

1* – Click here to read where I was when hearing that song.

2* – Click here and read why I originally  wanted to forget that summer.

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