Illness - Encephalitis

God’s Timing Is Perfect

Hospital patient with dripIt’s the perfect time to share why I hold strongly to the fact that, simply put, God’s timing is perfect.

My very first journal from years past begin to explain.
Note – This writing was done years ago after only two of our four children were born.

August 14, 1991
This one day of writing could take up to ninety-nine-million pages but I will try to shorten it. Cassie is now four, and Trina is almost fourteen months old. Hubby is twenty-seven and I am twenty-four. Lord, thank You that we are all still together. This year – oh, this year. The main dealing this last year has been about my physical and mental problem. Herpes Simplex Encephalitis Meningitis, an acute inflammation of the brain. Five or six weeks, total, in two hospitals. About three weeks in each. I thank God how He had me where I needed to be when I had my seizure…

Now let me explain. There was so much snow where our apartment was on that winter day in 1990. I had to take my baby in for her six-month check-up the next day, but being that it was a fifteen- to twenty-minute drive away, I felt it best that my kids and I just spend that night at my parents’ house, since they were only a few minutes from the doctor’s office. A much shorter and safer drive indeed. I don’t recall spending the night there even once after getting married a few years before this day, but that one night was a must.

The following morning, I enjoyed chatting with my mom, as she so easily showed how much she loved being a grandma. My older sister, whom I rarely ever saw, stopped in for a few minutes to get something. Her and I gabbed about 30 or so minutes.

“I’ll just change Trina’s diaper right now before the girls and I leave,” I told my sister and mom as I was on my knees, leaning over Trina, changing her diaper.
But something happened. Totally unexpected, out of the blue, I was suddenly hit with a seizure.

I was told later that I had began shaking, and collapsed on the floor while biting my tongue. I threw up a bit as well, so I was told. My life-changing event hit me right then and there that snowy afternoon. My mom took over the girls while Janis came over to see what was happening to me. She knew I was having a seizure and that calling 911 was a must. I have no recollection of any of that. The next thing I do remember, though, is feeling totally confused when I woke up.

“What’s going on?” I’m sure I tried to ask while thinking a mile a minute.

Why are these two strange men lifting me up and putting me on this—this board thing? Who are those ladies looking at me? And what about those really little people? (my kids)
Why are these big guys taking me out of this house? Whose house is it anyway? And why are they putting me, lying down, into this big weird car?

close up ambulance in snow

I had absolutely no idea what was going on. What I did know was how odd it all felt. To this day I can still picture it all, feeling as if it was last week.

I, again, must have fallen asleep, for the next thing I remember was waking up, lying on my back, with more strangers looking at me but now inside this totally odd building.
You’re right, a hospital.

Even more strangers looking at me. What are all these things sticking into me? What in the world is going on?

This particular blog post won’t get into what it is that happened to me; I’ll continue that as weeks go by.  I just want to share what that difficult time in this, literally, mind-changing ordeal, showed me.
– God’s timing is perfect.
I mean think about it. Being a stay-at-home mom, a majority of the time I did just that; stayed at home. What if there was no doctor’s appointment? Chances are the three of us would have been in the apartment alone.

What if the snow wasn’t there? Most likely we still would have been at home. Or worse yet, in the car driving to the doctors appointment.
But God had plans, and the timing of His plans couldn’t have been better. He had reasons for me scheduling my baby’s check-up appointment for that snowy day, causing me to then be at my parent’s house.

It is obvious God knew to position me at my parents home at the perfect time. Why do I say this? My sister who I rarely ever saw was – get ready for this – a respiratory therapist at that hospital!

And it turns out, my other sister came to the house before I left. And guess what, she too worked at that hospital as a respiratory technician. I have no doubt that my sisters helped ensure that I received quality treatment. My mom, bless her heart, was the perfect one to care for my girls with all this going on as I was taken away. God sure knew what He was doing and who to have where and when.

I’m assuming you too can see how God’s timing for it all was down-right perfect.

clock 1

For a few years now I’ve been able to say I have had the effects from that day more than half my life. (I was back then twenty-three, now fifty-three , if you’re just a wee curious.)
Yes, there are effects to this day that are still with me from that illness.

But I look at it this way: God had plans for me when that one day hit. God knew He would put me though one big trial but in the best way possible. I pray you can see, as obvious as I see it, that God, no matter how tough it seems, is in charge whether we notice it at the time or not. More than half my life now I have been glued to that fact, with even occasional tears, realizing just how He, my Father, cared for me. He held me tightly, while starting that tough season, at the perfect time.
I do plan, Lord willing, to continue this story but not only to show how God’s timing is perfect, but how His plans are perfect as well.